I wish you'd get out of my life and shut up..!

I'm such a bad person sometimes. And I can be useless and worthless. I have no control over my emotions and I'm way too sensitive.

Oh my god, I hate my life..on weekdays... I work like 12 hours straight and then I always have to hang out with my "friends" afterwards. All of my friends are 100% real idiots. We do the same thing every weekend. Go to different places to fuck with different people but its always fun. Haha theres a party on Saturday. Whoohoo. And I'm getting the Kangaroo on Sunday, hopefully. Yes a kangaroo. I already did the permit thing. First the goat, (R.I.P) now the roo. Its going to be...interesting. Tomorrow hopefully I'll be hanging out late but I got the feeling that I'll be so worn out that I'll end up coming home and using this weekend to sleep. I want to hang with that kid Taylor. But I really want to hang out with my little brother Jason! We went to see Team America like 7 months ago and we never hung out that late again. WTF JASON!? (Don't kill me buddy =P) He's so adorable, he's 16, he's emooooo and he's single. So what I really want to know is..

Who wants to date my kid brother?!Collapse )

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